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Track Down That Hard To Find Person Or Online Business Owner

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Need to find someone fast? Or maybe you need to investigate an online business or service before you invest in it? Is it worth the time, effort and money to search for a person or to investigate an online business? Emphatically yes! Why? For any of these reasons...

*You should always investigate online business opportunities. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS! Also, ask yourself this: if this guy has made so much money already, why does he need to charge you? Why does he need other affiliates to sell for him?

*You should always investigate online business services, such as:

1. stock picker software or advice
2. forex or currency trading systems
3. day trading systems
4. options trading(stock or futures)
5. futures trading...dangerous!
6. trading anything short

Keep in mind that these people may not be out to cheat you, but may make what amounts to risky trading seem easy, fun and profitable. Watch out! Use common sense and your good judgment.

*You want to find that former business partner who absconded with partnership funds.

*You want to find out who stole your identity and how they did it.

*You want to dig out the person who stole your child's social security number to use for work or credit purposes.

* You are divorced/separated and need to track down your "deadbeat" former spouse to get them to pay child support.

* You are a small business owner or parent and need to do a quick criminal background check on a prospective employee or babysitter or nanny.

Why hire a detective when you can run your own investigation? You can get the same or better results using criminal background check techniques and pay a small fraction of what an agency will charge you.

Right about now, you are wondering how much this is going to cost you, right? Here's your answer: you will pay from $15 to $30, depending on what service you need, the level of detail needed, and whether or not you want to perform multiple searches.

Compare that to $1500 or more to hire a detective agency. And that's just to find ONE person or investigate one online business.

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